On-site instructor monitoring standards visit

On-site instructor monitoring standards visit

Do you have existing in-house instructors?

Are you curious as to whether they are maintaining standards?

Do you have new instructors who feel they need some guidance for real world training?

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A forklift instructor's development is ongoing.

Following their qualification as a forklift instructor, they return to site with the skills and knowledge to train your operators. However, instructor development is an ongoing process and unfortunately some can go down the wrong path. Forklift instructors need to be self-motivated and constantly strive to improve. Some fail to do so and this can clearly be seen when they attend the required re-reg course after 5 years and find the process extremely challenging.

This can raise questions:

"What have they been doing for the past 5 years?"

"Why are they finding the forklift instructor re-reg course so difficult?"

"Have they been following the industry standards?"

The solution?

On-site instructor monitoring visits can identify strengths/weaknesses in your forklift instructor's performance and delivery. Recommendations for improvement can be made where necessary. This exercise is to simply ensure your operators are receiving the best possible training which is a contributary factor towards a safer workplace.

Instructor monitoring report

Steel City FLT Training can offer the following:

  • Theory presentation evaluation
  • Assessment of practical lesson delivery
  • Appraisal of testing standards

I offer these on-site visits as I see a real need for them and I am passionate about standards of training.

If this service is something you think your company could benefit from, please e-mail info@steelcityflt.co.uk or complete the contact form for a value for money quotation.

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